Nick Mckk


A long-time resident of the Mountains, Erst sits out the front porch of her place with a tea. She says the little nature strip makes it feel like you’re looking out at a field. 

Chris and Grandma

My Grandma lived with my Mum and Dad for six months before she went into care. Amongst the haze of my Grandma’s deteriorating dementia, there were moments of beautiful brightness. We would sit out the backyard consuming tea and ice cream en masse, singing Gilbert and Sullivan numbers with Grandma regaling us with very, very familiar tales from her childhood. “I could ride a horse, I'd leap over fences without a saddle, stand on their backs, swing around their necks, hang on to their whiskers and stare them in the eyes”

Most mornings Cale perches out here, squinting through the sun with a cuppa in hand. Next to him sit two wooden hives filled with bees busily gathering their pollen for the winter. Cale hopes to gather a small fraction of the takings for his own enjoyment. The bees are pretty quiet this morning.


Surrounded by her favourite psychedelic records, Abbe sits with her daughter Arizona. Arizona has taken to drawing on the lounge with permanent marker. But this is fine. Abbe thinks it’s mad that she will have some of her 2 year olds art to keep for a long time.

Barbarba takes care of two Collies. She adopted them at an older age, and they are living out their lives adoring her. She lies/sits here in a primo sun gathering spot.

Uncle G

This spot is sacred to the indigenous owners and stewards of this land. Here Uncle G sits and with an emu rock carving from long ago. Uncle G was instrumental in the preservation of the area a few years ago


Though living in these hills for a relatively short time, Edith has been quick to acquaint herself with local flora and fauna. Here she sits deep in a far reach of the Rhodo garden with a sapling.. wattle. A beautiful botanical illustrator, Edith will often sit out here and draw directly from the source. 


Erika has a lot of chickens. Every one has a carefully selected name, corresponding to a trait or a time. Her two dogs, Pip and Sway, are companions in her observation, happy to trudge and fossick as the chicken bleep lazily.  


Often Howard takes a walk behind the local houses. Here there is a bush track which leads to this curious collection of sandstone blocks. Here Howard ponders their origin. He believes the dints in the stone were caused by pick axes, indicating convict activity. Though, he is not sure. Among the wattles he has a think. 
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